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Philip W. Mason

Attorney at Law

Intelligent, well-considered legal advice
Strong, effective legal representation
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Family Law • Bankruptcy Law • General Practice

Representing Clients throughout Boston's North Shore and Merrimack Valley

Family Law -- practiced with clarity and commitment

More than in any other area of law you need to have trust and confidence in your domestic relations attorney. Whether your case is a divorce, custody and child support, alimony, contempt, modification, or any other action falling under the umbrella of family law, you will have to work closely and comfortably with your attorney to ensure workable, practical and cost-effective solutions to your legal problems. There has to be a secure “fit” allowing candid case assessment, realistic strategic and tactical goal setting, and productive case management. The right fit will ensure the best possible outcome.

Remember, Family law is not just about the law, it is also about equity and fairness and it takes an attorney who takes the time to know you to be able to advocate persuasively for your needs. It takes an attorney who listens, responds and convincingly articulates your goals and presents them as the most reasonable judicial solution to the proceedings.

Bankruptcy Law -- when debt becomes overwhelming

Bankruptcy is about providing you with a “fresh start” – a chance to rebuild your family’s financial security and stability and build for the future. By applying the United States Bankruptcy Laws
to your economic situation, I can help you get your financial affairs back in order. I can bring you immediate protection from creditors and put an end to the stress of dealing with overwhelming debt. Let me show you how filing for bankruptcy can:

♦ Stop foreclosure, save your home            ♦ Protect your assets -- discharging your debt
♦ Stop lawsuits, collections, demands        ♦ Eliminate credit card, medical expense debt

This office is a debt relief agency that helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

General Practice Areas

Attorney Mason’s commitment to affordability, practicality and personalized legal representations extends beyond the domestic relations and bankruptcy arena into the areas of:


   ♦ Criminal Defense                                                            ♦ Domestic Violence
♦ Landlord/Tenant                                                              ♦ Employment Law


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